Emergency Generators

No interior permanent generators will be allowed.


The review of the Architecture Committee and the approval of the Executive Board are conditioned on compliance with all Flowers Field Rules and Regulations governing this proposed modification of your property. Note: No work may commence until all necessary approvals have been received in writing.

SETBACK REQUIREMENTS. The generator and landscape screening must be set back at least 4 feet from your neighbor’s property line (if possible), or more if required by the setbacks shown on your plot plan. If the generator is going to be less than 4 feet to the property line, the adjacent neighbor’s approval is required. If the placement does not meet the required setback, it is recommended you obtain the neighbors approval prior to the completion of the application.

LANDSCAPE WAIVER / NOTICE OF INTENT. If it is not possible to meet township code requirements without infringing on the setback line, a landscape waiver and notice of intent form must be signed by the affected neighbor and submitted with the application.

Permanent and Temporary/Portable:

  1. Description of work and location
  2. Plot plan with clearances to property lines.
  3. Catalog cuts of proposed generator to include:
  4. Size of unit and fuel type.
  5. Electrical diagrams showing installation and wiring details.
  6. Diagram and description of gas connection, venting, exhaust, etc.
  7. Installation by Licensed Contractor (Name, Address, License Number).
  8. Approval by Lower Makefield Township (HOA will furnish the Township a conditional letter for permit).
  9. Copy of each permit (gas, electric, etc.)
  10. Installation is NOT permitted in the front of the home.
  11. No permanent fuel storage device outside.
  12. Provide noise level data (should not exceed 70 DB at 10 FT.)
  13. Upon completion of installation, a copy of the Township’s final Certificate of approval must be submitted to the Flowers Field Community Association Executive Board to be filed.