General Rules & Regulations

Pets – Owners are permitted a maximum of two (2) dogs. Any owner currently owning more than two (2) dogs will be grandfathered however, in the event of the passing of the additional dog(s) an owner may not get another dog. Homeowners may keep domestic birds and animals in their homes. In no event shall pets be permitted in any of the public portions of the Homeowners Association property unless the pet is being carried by its owner or on a leash. At no time are pet(s) permitted to urinate or defecate on the common grounds, or other people’s property, as this is killing grass and shrubs. All pet owners are REQUIRED to have their pet(s) both urinate and defecate on your own property. If an accident occurs while walking, owners are required to clean up and remove any pet excrement from the common grounds immediately. If an owner is reported to the Board of Directors for failure to clean up after their pet(s) a fine in the amount of $100 dollars will be levied against the owner’s account and will increase in dollar amount for each violation of the pet policy. If a homeowner’s pet becomes obnoxious to other homeowners by barking or otherwise, the owner thereof shall cause the problem to be corrected or, if it is not corrected, such homeowner, upon written notice by the Association, will be required to remove the animal or take such other steps as the Association may direct.

Antenna/Satellite Dish – No radio or television aerial or other type of aerial or antenna or satellite dish shall be attached to or hung from the exterior of any home or any portion of the common elements.

Large Gatherings – Large outdoor gatherings are permitted with permission of the HOA and all impacted neighbors. Advanced notice of the large gathering will need to be given to effected Flowers Field residents by the hosting family.

Generators – Are permitted in a shrubbery bed along the foundation of your home. A Change Request Form must be submitted with the location of the generator and prior approval in writing by the Board of Directors must be received before installation. The unit owner is responsible for the cost to landscape the area around the generator to help block the view. Find more details and application here.

Toys/Play – No bicycles, baby carriages or similar vehicles or toys or other personal articles shall be allowed to stand/remain unattended in any part of the common elements. Toys, nets, balls, bikes, and other play supplies need to be put away at night. Casual play needs to be mindful of all residents and respectful of neighbor’s properties. Any play that may result in objects landing on, hitting, or bouncing off homes or other personal property must be done in the designated green space areas. Out of respect for all residents, no ball play and other forms of play that may disturb neighbors should take place after 9pm.

Common Areas, Driveways, Sidewalks – These areas cannot be blocked. To notify residents and visitors, a child at play sign is permitted within your own property. It must be put away at night.  No chalk, painting etc. in common areas (personal driveways only).

Fire Pits – Only Propane or natural gas firepits are allowed.

Garage Sales – Garage sales and/or any similar activities are prohibited.

Laundry – No homeowners shall install poles and/or lines for the drying of laundry nor shall any homeowner dry laundry outside of his/her home.

Exterior Changes – No front or side awnings, shades, window guards, window boxes, ventilators, fans, or air conditioning devices which protrude from the exterior of the home shall be used in or about any home. The HOA shall not be obligated to approve any such application. Rear awnings and deck lighting are permitted provided a Change Request Form is submitted and approved, in writing, by the Board of Directors.

Temporary Structures – temporary structure, trailer, tent, shed, swing set or other play structure, or the like, shall be permitted for one day in or about the common elements with the approval of the HOA and residents.

Vehicles – Vehicles shall be parked only in homeowner’s garages/driveways and/or the parking areas provided for that purpose. Long term parking, by a nonresident, of more than one week is not permitted unless the vehicle is kept in the homeowner’s garage or the driveway. Homeowners, their employees, visitors, licensees, and the homeowner’s family shall obey all traffic regulations promulgated in the future for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the homeowners. No repairs or storage of vehicles, including but not limited to cars, boats, motor scooters, motorcycles, trailers, etc. or other equipment shall be permitted on the common property or the driveways. No motor vehicle not duly registered, inspected, insured, and currently licensed shall be permitted to operate within the Community or be parked on the Association property or driveways.  All vehicles parked on the property must be in operating condition.  Overnight parking of recreational vehicles is prohibited. Commercial vehicles shall include any vehicles with ladder racks, ladders, equipment, or commercial lettering.  A maximum Vehicles continued: The speed limit of 15 mph is to be always observed. No vehicle parked outside may have a protective cover.

Hazardous Materials – No homeowner shall store more than one (5) gallons of any flammable oil, liquid, or fluid, such as gasoline, kerosene, carbon tetrachloride, naphtha, or benzene. No kerosene heaters, explosives, fireworks, or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property shall be used or stored within any portion of the Unit or Common Property.

Contractors – Without the prior written permission of the Board of Directors being obtained first, no contractor or workman employed by any homeowner shall be permitted to do any work in or upon any home (except for emergency repairs) between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. if such work is likely to disturb the occupants of any other home. Association contractors and their employees are the responsibility of the Board of Directors and Management Company. Please do not speak to them about association services.

Decorations – All holiday decorations shall be displayed for a two-week period only; one (1) week prior to and one (1) week following the holiday, except for traditional winter holidays when decorations are permitted to be displayed from Thanksgiving Day to January 15th.

Flags –The flag of the United States can be flown at any time and cannot exceed the size of 15 square feet (3×5). Flag mounting brackets can only be placed on wood frames or columns.

Hot Tubs/Grills/Fire Pits/Propane Heaters – No hot tub or like installation shall be permitted on any deck or in any common area. No outside cooking grills may be stored in any common area. Grills, propane/natural gas fire pits (no wood burning), and propane heaters can only be placed on decks, patios, and driveways. If used in the homeowner’s driveways, all must be put away each night. Such items must only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements (distance from walls, open areas, and overhead roof areas) and subject to local Township ordinances.  Grills should be put away/cleaned up each night.

Windows – The replacement of any window by a decorative addition, i.e., stained glass, is not permitted. Such changes in existence at the time of the adoption of this regulation shall not be required to be corrected.

Maintenance of Homes – Any portion of the home that is privately owned (front porch, rear patio, rear deck, and utilities) is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain, keep clean and keep clear of unused items, debris, and trash. These areas are to be used in the manner which they are intended for. At no time may any of these areas be used for storing items that are not intended for use in said areas.

Signs – No sign, notice, advertisement, or the like shall be inscribed or exposed on common ground or at any window or other part of any home except such as shall have been approved in writing by the Board of Directors. Nor shall anything be projected out of any window in any home without similar prior written approval.